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Ancient Practice of Grounding

Chronic illness is on the rise. Could the answer be right under our feet?

Chronic illness is on the rise.

I had the great pleasure of working in a local CSA garden bare foot this morning. It felt great and was just what my inner doctor ordered. I felt energized, balanced and calmed by the experience.

I have a few stories to share with you about grounding. One winter I zapped everything I touched or came in close contact with. It was embarrassing as I worked with my clients I kept having to apologize for the little jolt of electricity I gave them. We went over to lake Michigan for Easter and I headed directly to the beach. I knew I had to sit with my feet in the sand which I did for about thirty minutes as I watched the waves crash on the shore. Since then I have not had that issue. I am not sure what caused it but grounding fixed the problem. This next experience is rather embarrassing but I am willing to share. In my younger years I was with a group of people and we were consuming alcohol, I consumed too much. Being somewhat of a light weight with too much wine I felt very nauseated so sat on the ground; then laid back to pretend to look up at the stars, I was able because of the earthing or grounding to recover my energy and my dignity. Better than puking, right? If you have ever done this you know how grounding works.

Working a garden bare foot

Another story of grounding came from one of my grandson's friends. My grandson had a bunch of his friend over to play basketball on our court, they played hard as high schoolers do. When they came into the house I had some snacks for them. I had organic spelt pretzels and some organic almond butter for dip. Since I grew up in a time where peanut allergies where unheard of it never even crossed my mind that someone might have an allergy to them.

As they started to devour the snacks one of the boys said to another "hey aren't you allergic to almonds?" The young man went white. My ER training quickly kicked in and I began to question him. His story went like this: Yes I have allergic reactions to almonds and some other foods; when I eat them my heart races and I have to lay down on the ground until it passes. I called his parents, stayed with him, assessing him and calming him. In the end the allergic response was short lived and I did not have to call an ambulance. To this day it amazes me how this young man instinctively knew to lay on the ground to so rebalance his body. The power of grounding or earthing cannot be denied.

Working bare foot

The earth is like a giant magnetic, with subtle electrical charges, a special kind of energy. The earth is used to ground most everything in the electrical world like powerplants and your home for safety and stability.

For people being grounding means as a sense of stability, centered, balanced, strong, solid, less stress and less tension. When grounded you feel good, less pain and less anxiety.

We are bio-electric beings living on an electrical planet and our body functions electrically, think of your heart rhythm on and EKG or your brain function being evaluated by an EEG. Both EKG and EEG measures the electrical activity of your body. In fact all of your cells work electrically to stimulate your muscles, immune system and nervous system. That is why the young man's heart rate calmed when he laid on the ground.

Animals are grounded by the earth but we as modern humans in our rubber soled shoes and our indoor living have lost touch with the amazing healing benefits our earth has to offer. Maybe it is time to reclaim our connection to the earth.

Studies are showing several health benefits to grounding.

  1. Reduced pain and inflammation

  2. Reduced stress levels

  3. Improved circulation

How to Reconnect with the Earth

The practice of grounding is ancient, past societies went barefoot or wore leather footwear and the earth's energies could be easily absorbed into the body. Going barefoot for thirty minutes daily would get you enough earth energy. I can imagine making myself a spot in my yard where I would have a comfortable chair and a pile of sand to put my feet on. I could sit there and read or listen to the birds for thirty minutes. It would be great to have it in the sunshine so I could get some rays to help me make much needed vitamin D.

For many people this would be quite impossible so there are indoor options for purchase. Grounding products include mats, chairs, bed pads, floor pads, body bands.

Whatever works best for you, get grounded, get energized and feel the vibrancy it brings.

DeLynn Lake, ND, RN



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