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Being "healthy" is much more than just not being sick. Being healthy means your lifestyle is one filled with learning, fun, exercise, laughter, spirituality and satisfying relationships! It also means understanding and enjoy the most beneficial health-giving foods, supplements and activities right for you.

You deserve a healthy and happy 2019, we have done the work to make this possible for you. When we look at exercise science shows us that most are either under exercising or over exercising, both have health risks. Exercise is a vital part of any healthcare plan.

Knowing your blood type, which is a vital piece of your genetic information, will open the door to understanding what is right for you. Blood type O, because they build up more adrenaline when under stress, needs vigorous exercise for 40 minutes almost daily. On the other hand, blood type A need more gentle exercise such as stretching and Hatha yoga with walking as well as light weights to release cortisol that builds up when under stress, at least four to five times a week for 40 minutes. It is also about conditioning and honoring your current physical activity level. You can build upon your current state of conditioning to become champion in whatever type of competition you venture into if that is your desire...

I have been on my plan for five years now and I love it more and more every day. I continue to develop a stronger body, sounder mind, as well as more stable emotions all the time. I am excited for the rest of my life and I want you to be too. With that being said at the age of 64 I feel better than I did in my 30s and it becomes easier all the time as my lifestyle evolves.

Exercise is part of a complete natural health plan! A personalized genetic based health care plan means more time doing what you desire and less time chasing the newest health fad and spending your money on things that don't really work for you.

We are committed to teaching time proven, scientific proven and evidence-based techniques, as well as the reasons why disease happens in the first place.


Classes and workshops are every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month as well as some Saturdays and other requested times. Be sure to check out our events on FB and email us with any requests or questions at

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