Personalized Lifestyle Coaching - Working above Genetic Landscapes

Personalized Lifestyle Coaching-Working above Genetic Landscapes

We all have the same genes so what makes us so different from each other? We all have different likes and dislikes, noses and toes... Yes there are similarities, especially in families, yet there are no two exactly alike!

Did you know that even identical twins have different fingerprints?

Understanding your genetic landscape can open a whole new world for you in achieving the wellness you desire. That is what we specialize in here at Natural Paths Healing Arts Center.

Changing my inflammation response or allergic reaction:

In natural medicine one of the primary rules for the Naturopathic Practitioner is "Doctor Heal Thyself". This has been a fascinating journey for us. I have experienced this first hand for many years with great advancements in my health. The most recent as well as one of the most exciting advancements came this week. Tuesday morning as I stepped out my door barefoot I landed smack dap on a wasp which stung me. My first thought was, “GREAT my week will be very different than I planned”. You see, in the past when I have been stung by anything the affected body part would swell to 3 times its normal size and last for several days. BUT, much to my delight and amazement, that has not been the case! Within 24 hours I only had a small itch on the bottom of my foot and today there is nothing!

I attribute this to the supplement changes I made about 1 month ago, which most importantly were based on my genetic profile! Because of my faulty genes I have been unable to break down these toxins and my reactions were intense and sustained. With supplement choices based on my faulty genes my ability to break down these toxins is now upregulated!

You see, using Opus 23--a sophisticated AI program which deciphers raw genetic date from or tell us what supplements and lifestyle practices may impact the improvements in your health and wellness that you have been seeking. Opus 23 is one of the amazing services we offer at Natural Paths Healing Arts Center.

Opus 23

We are pleased to announce that Opus 23 is now available at Natural Paths! If you have your 23andMe or Ancestry DNA, you have what you need to get started. If you don't have these we can help you get them. We use your RAW GENETIC DATA contained in your results to build your personalized wellness plan = great results.

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