Seaweed-based calcium, personalized for you.

The way your body assimilates food, medicines and dietary supplements is unique and dependent on your blood type. Each blood type also has different cofactor and trace mineral needs.

Phytocal B, developed by Dr. Peter D'Adamo, is a personalized multimineral supplement with highly bioavailable seaweed calcium and additional absorptive support to help strengthen bones and digestion of Blood Type Bs.

The unique ingredient in Phytocal B is maerl-based sea calcium, the only natural source of calcium with a broad enough buffering range to work effectively with the different digestive capabilities of each blood type. It comes from the rare maerl seaweed, found only in isolated areas off the coast of southwest Ireland.

Personalized multimineral Phytocal B supports overall health in a multitude of ways:

  • Provides absorptive support to help strengthen bones and digestion of Blood Type Bs
  • Supports healthy joint and ligament function
  • Supplies trace amounts of essential nutrients such as magnesium, boron and zinc to support bone strength and immunity

Phytocal B contains unique synergistic ingredients to further enhance healthy performance and benefits of maerl-based sea calcium.

Phytocal B's key ingredients include:

Vitamin D
Helps facilitate proper calcium absorption and assimilation. Vitamin D is essential for multiple body functions including immune support, hormone production, skin health, muscle health and brain function.

Contains the necessary cofactors for proper absorption and is easy to assimilate. Maerl sea calcium is a mineral essential to building and maintaining strong bones, as well as supporting heart, muscle and nerve function.

Optimizes absorption and supports nerve and muscle function with blood type B-appropriate higher levels.

Phytocal B