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It appears that we can all use a healthy dose of daily OM!

A recent study from Harvard University and the University of Sienna found that meditating can alter the physiology of the human brain and consistent meditation practice can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. They also found that there was a marked improvement in concentration and improvement in the cardiovascular and immune systems of people who consistently practiced meditation.

In the study, published in the PLOS ONE journal, scientists guided 24 individuals who had never meditated before through an 8-week meditation course. Each participant engaged in a two and a half hour session each week, learning about the various methods and styles of mediation. Outside of the course, they each meditated for 45 minutes daily.

Data gathered from MRIs conducted before and after the program, along with psychological evaluations, found that the subjects experienced a thickening in the part of the brain responsible for emotions and perception – changes such as this strengthens the body’s physiological resilience against anxiety, worry, and depression.

Rhonda and DeLynn believes that meditation is part of a healthy lifestyle – and this study seems to back that up. We have found that 5 to 15 minutes of guided meditation (find one you like on YouTube) is a great place to begin - the benefits are powerful.




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