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All our groceries are hand selected to include foods that have no additives and are organic.  Our labels are clean, meaning you will not have to read through a bunch of products to find what you are looking for.  Our nutrition experts will help you with selections for specific needs, blood types and geno-types.


We also have body care and cleaning items that will satisfy the most picky shopper, no added toxins! Our books, rocks, crystals, orogone, essential oils and diffusers, salt lamps, make great gift items.  We will soon be adding some beautiful jewelry.

Our Market is important to us because we believe "food is our medicine" and in order to build a healthy life you need high quality food.  


We also believe in and support local sustainability so we look locally first to stock our Market. Our groceries organic and hand selected by our Naturopathic Doctor to meet the highest standards.


Our vendors include: Berlin Natural Bakery, Natures Legacy for Life and Groovy grains, Eden Foods, Paul Newman, D'Adamo, Standard Process, just to name a few..


We carry the best assortment of organic beans, nuts and seeds as well. Organic chocolate and baking supplies


We boost nice assortment of healthy organic snacks and juices and teas, as well as ghee, and olive oil and a most delicious and highly nutritious boneless, skinless sardine in a PBA free can that tastes like high quality tuna... just to name a few of our treasures.


In our dry goods department you will find household cleaning products and body products that are non-toxic.  In fact our most popular cleaning product will wash everything from your veggies to your window to your floors and they will shine:)  You do not have to worry about smells and wearing rubber gloves.  


I personally love our crystals, books, salt lamps, orgone and jewelry section.  Once again these items are chosen with great care and love.


There are little surprises all over our little market!  Please stop in to say Hi!

Feel free to stop in and browse, ask questions and make requests for items you may be looking for.



Our mission is to see members of our community continue to flourish in holistic health through Natural Paths to Abundant Health Family Practice


Each body holds the key to its own healing.  
At Natural Paths we have the services and tools to unlock that innate potential each one of us posses. Understanding each person’s body type gives access to resolving root issues of health conditions and illnesses. 


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