Dark Field Microscopy allows me to evaluate the shapes and other properties of an individual’s blood cells, indicating nutritional conditions which can be adversely affecting a person's health. The advantage of this analysis over standard blood tests, which detect chemical changes in the blood, is the ability of dark field microscopy to detect nutritional disorders sooner, when the problem is in its infancy stages. By monitoring the blood's condition, a health professional can assist in "balancing" the blood by giving dietary and lifestyle recommendations which can enhance health.

Plan for the future!

We'll take a drop of blood from a tiny prick on your finger. You will see the current condition of your blood on a cellular level. We will be able to monitor the effects of your nutrition program along with detecting arising issues before they become serious health challenges.

Follow-up visits

To track your progress, a follow up appointment will be made for about 1 month after the initial visit, which gives your blood time to reflect the changes that your plan from natural paths will bring.


Improve your health

You will feel immediate improvements as you make lifestyle changes, such as more energy, your ability to resist disease, better sleep and improved disposition. As the old saying goes: "a picture is worth a thousand words.” So is a Live Blood Cell Analysis.


Our mission is to see members of our community continue to flourish in holistic health through Natural Paths to Abundant Health Family Practice


Each body holds the key to its own healing.  
At Natural Paths we have the services and tools to unlock that innate potential each one of us posses. Understanding each person’s body type gives access to resolving root issues of health conditions and illnesses. 


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